Our Volunteers Our Heroes

If our clients are our heartbeat, then our volunteers are our blood. Whether you are a volunteering artist, an intern, or a general helper our volunteers are very important. They help with inking our clients, drawing the artwork, taking new client interviews, or helping out at fairs and festivals.

Do you know someone who needs to fill in some volunteer hours for school? Since we are a 501(c)3, not-for-profit hours performed with us with your commitment will cover the volunteer requirement.

Does what we do call out to you in a way you want to be a tattoo artist for one of our clients? We can use your help.

Do you just want to give back and want to help? We will take your help too.

​Just click the link below to print or download a PDF of our volunteer application.

​We can't wait to hear from you!

To volunteer, please click here:


Our Volunteers Our Heroes

How you can volunteer:

  • Volunteer time at a booth at one of the many events we go to in the Chicago-land & Northwest Indiana Area. We are always looking for Henna artists.

  • Help us renovate our facility. Cleaning, Gardening, Painting, Laying Mosaic Tile, etc.

  • Reaching out to various organizations , making phone calls,.