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Are you looking for a keynote speaker on art therapy, or looking for someone to facilitate a session on breaking stereotypes of tattoos, or host a group art therapy session? TAT and Sacred Transformations can help.

Eric Sean Spruth graduated with a Bachelor of Arts  (Fine Arts) degree with minors in Psychology and Philosophy before earning his Master's of Art Therapy from the School of the Art Institute Chicago. He is also a Registered Art Therapist and certified Laser Specialist for laser tattoo removal. He has been in the tattoo business for over 17 years. He spent time as a Professor in the Adler School of Professional Psychology Art Therapy program

It was shortly after becoming a tattoo artist he began learning the stories of why people wanted brands, scars, burns and other tattoos covered up. It became his passion to turn art including tattoos into a way of therapy for those with demonstrative marks.

He still continues the hands-on work at two studios in the Greater Chicagoland area and helped a sister tattoo parlor begin offering similar services in Rome, Italy. He also will facilitate conference education sessions, group art therapy sessions, and discussions on the perceptions of tattoos, sex-trafficked workers, formerly incarcerated individuals and military vets and their impact while entering or re-entering the civilian workforce. He has heard the concerns of these individuals and seen the impact their marks have in getting or maintaining employment.

Facilitating such sessions, TAT and Sacred Transformations hopes that employers, organizations and churches will see these people differently than their marks show and afterward these groups and those employed to see our client partners and the Sacred Transformation they received through the art we provide them.

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“I design custom works with each person, discussing what the tattoo will mean to them, in order to create an image that becomes a source of daily inspiration to maintain a life of sobriety, a life that includes a commitment to the welfare of children, to family, to the community and for some, to God!” says Eric, “Whatever will help to keep our clients on the right track.”