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WOW, what a picture to go with this title, right? But that is exactlty the point here. You wouldn't want a tatto experience that you regretted or caused you harm. The A Symbol of Thyself program is an outreach forum TaAT and Sacred Trasformations staff conducts with pre-teens and teens at either a school,  park district, or  juvenile detention center and have a supportive discussion regarding tattoos. the facilitators discuss the meanings of certain

images, the ramifications and permanency of tattoos, and the risk of getting tattooed by untrained and unclean artists. As the picture on this page shows there are serious risks to dirty ink and/or needles. Sacred Transformations is serious in helping children to not make a bad decision while not being judgemental or preachy.

Members of TAT and Sacred Transformations go into these forums "with their hair down and it's like Rock n' Roll." Eric Dean Spruth (founder) says. These kids start early using ink and paint markers to draw on their books, lockers and themselves in attempts to emulate their famous celebrity role models or older friends and family. It then becomes easy to want a true tattoo. It is absolutely important to TAT and Sacred Transformations to let them know that getting a tattoo is their right, but it should be done thoughtfully and at an appropriate time. We'd prefer that they don't get tattooed until 18, but we also discuss the laws regarding underage tattoos.

If you would like to schedule an A Symbol of Thyself discussion at your facility use the menu or click "Contact Us" below and send us a request using "A Symbol of Thyself Request" in the subject line. We hope to hear from you soon.