The Staff

While we know our clients are who drive or organization, TAT and Sacred Transformations would be nothing without our wonderful staff, interns, and team of volunteers. To date, not one person in the organization has received payment. Those involved feel very connected to the Sacred Transformation mission and have dedicated a countless number of hours over our 17-year history. We couldn't do it without you.


We also couldn't have done it without our thousands of donors over the years. Every dollar collected has gone to operating costs and supplies for our art therapy sessions, tattoo supplies, or general operating costs such as rent, printing, and utilities. If you would like to donate, click this button:

Anyone who donates over $25 will be listed on our site's Wall of Honor, and those donating $500 or more will also be listed at The Bridge, our brick and mortar studio, lounge, and therapy office.

Privacy Policy: Sacred Transformations does not share or divulge personal stories or information about our clients without written permission and only then for the explicit purpose of providing services to our clients by our partner artists our client selects. for more details click HERE

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