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Sponsorship Opportunies

TAT has begun a Sponsorship program along with its general fundraising. Every year we try to reach out to more and more people to help, which requires more and more help from donors. While we know the feeling of giving is amazing, we also know recognition for giving is also important. So we want to do just that and here are those opportunities. Each level comes with unique recognition. 

Festival Booth Sponsors

Copper Sponsor

Silver Sponsor

Gold Sponsor

Platinum Sponsor

Each year TAT goes to a number of festivals fundraising and looking for people to help. In the process we raise $1000's. Now you can help be sponsoring a booth at these festivals that can cost $1000's to acquire. Please, click here to learn more and be a FESTIVAL SPONSOR

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A $250 sponsorship goes a long way. That amount is the basic cost of a tattoo laser removal session and a client typically goes through 6-10 sessions to fully remove a tattoo the size of a business card. Become a Copper Sponsor and help provide for one of these sessions. Please, click here to learn more and be a COPPER SPONSOR:

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A $500 sponsorship goes even further. Almost every client we see gets a tattoo cover-up, These tattoos transform old disparaging tattoos, scars, brandings, etc. into works of art that our clients will be proud of. Most of these tattoos can cost $500 or more in tattoo studios. Please, click here to learn more and be a Silver Sponsor:

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For our most generous of donors we have the PLATINUM level. With a gift of $2500 or more you can help provide for a full course of laser removal, or a couple of tattoos. We also have opportunities to help renovate The Bridge, our Tattoo and Laser Tattoo Removal Studio and community center just a Mile from the Ogden Dunes, which are part of the Indian Dunes National Park system. If [Your Name] Gallery or [Your Name} Community Center sounds nice, then this level is for you. Please, click here to learn more and be a PLATINUM SPONSOR:

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A $1000 or more can help cover half a course  of laser treatments or a larger tattoo, or even help supply our new facility, The Bridge. The Bridge houses a Tattoo and Laser Removal Studio, a multipurpose gallery, and a community center with café. The Bridge is still in renovations but sits just 1 mile from The Ogden Dunes in the Miller Beach area of Gary, IN and is part of the Indiana Dunes National Park system. To learn more and be a GOLD SPONSOR, please click here:

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