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Laser Tattoo Removal

Do you want a tattoo gone, but not replaced? This is the service for you. We offer free services with our partner BARE TATTOO & HAIR REMOVAL. The process uses lasers calibrated to specific colors, to break down the ink under the skin so your own body can attack it. The process is more lightening than complete removal. Many clients with very dark tattoos elect to use this process along with a tattoo cover-up. 


Tattoo Cover-Up

Cover-up are sometimes the way to go for smaller, lighter, or unfinished tattoos. Artist create designs that use techniques to hide a tattoo under a new one. The intricate designs and color schemes are placed over an existing tattoo in a way that camouflage the existing tattoo. 

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Tattoo Refresh

Are you a armed forces veteran? Do you have a tattoo that has faded over time? Wish it was back to it's original glory? We can do that for you, free of charge. Our vets are precious to us, and we would be honored to take that old worn ink and make it as bright and impactful as you are to us.

Going through a pregnancy that is difficult? We're here for you with an experience that brings beauty and peace, both of which reduces stress for your well being and your soon to be bay's. Sit and relax as we create a plaster cast of your baby bump and breasts. You then get to decorate that casting with paint, ribbons, and other materials, providing you with a meaningful piece of art.


Pregnancy Belly Casting

Talking Ink, Inking Therapy

Learning the risks, effects, AND benefits of a tattoo are important. So is learning the lasting emotional impact of having a tattoo. Eric Dean Spruth, MA, ATR, travels all over the USA speaking at conventions, conferences, schools, and other institutions. He brings an age and audience appropriate presentation on the subject of tattoos. The subject of these talks can be medically informative, social impact, historical influences, etc. Contact us for details. 


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