TAT and Sacred Transformations offer a variety of services to the community and individuals. Each of our services focuses on a different at-risk community and culture. We have helped most free of charge but we do offer a few programs that require a small fee for a keynote speaker or conference workshop presenter who can come to your organization, business, school, or special event.

Services we provide are the links listed below with a small description for each.

Symbol of Thyself v2.png

A Symbol of Thyself: Think Before You Ink

is a forum workshop for at-risk youth that discusses the symbolism of tattoos and the risks of getting ink from unsanitary and untrained artists.

Reformed and Re-Entry v2.png

Reformed & Re-Entry

is our program for recently and soon-to-be-released incarcerated individuals, many of whom look to get gang and prison life tattoos removed or covered up. These individuals have worked hard to be released and want to reacclimate into society in a productive way. 

A Beauty of Thyne Own v2.png

A Beauty of Thyne Own

is our tattoo, burn, branding, scarred and cutting cover-up and removal program for those who were trafficked. These women were once the property of others with the marks still showing. We help them reclaim themselves and their beauty

Fading Pasts to Ink Futures v2.png

Fading Pasts to Ink Futures

Don't fit into any of the other areas? No worries, we also offer services to others whose lives have gone through a drastic change. Were you a cutter? Not out of the closet? Lived a life you were embarrassed about or not proud of? That's okay, we don't judge you on your past, we make you beautiful for your future/  

Vet Button v2.png

Reassignment Orders on Veteran Ink

Our military veterans have a hard time reacclimating into civilian life. They sometimes have ink that hinders their return. We help give them the ink to stand tall and proud again.

Talking Ink v2.png

Talking Ink, Inking Therapy

is our forum discussion program. Need a keynote speaker regarding acceptance or to understand the work of abuse better? Do you want to reach out to at risk youth and adults regarding tattoos and other forms of art? We can help.

Molding Futures and Casting Life v2.png

Molding Futures & Casting Life

is our art therapy program for expecting mothers. Many soon-to-be mothers have physically or mentally difficult pregnancies, or both. After taking a life cast of their belly, we give these strong women the casting to then decorate as a beautiful piece of art that only pales to their beauty.

Privacy Policy: Sacred Transformations does not share or divulge personal stories or information about our clients without written permission and only then for the explicit purpose of providing services to our clients by our partner artists our client selects. for more details click HERE

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