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Depending on the length of your incarceration, and other factors, you may or may not have had the opportunity to enroll in programming designed to reduce recidivism by addressing criminal thinking: IE: substance abuse, anger management, or “Inside-Out Dads.” Without some form of rehabilitation, education, or specific programming to assist you, “institutionalization” can slow your progress after release.

If you are struggling and have marks, scars, or prison/gang tattoos there is a good chance that their existence will cause you harm in one form or another. You may be faced with the reality that there are expectations related to having certain tattoos. Regardless of the age of the tattoo, they carry expectations.

“Covering up” a gang tattoo is one way to take care of it – but, contact us using the menu or links at the bottom of this page and we will begin the Transformation process, utilizing your personal accomplishments and what motivates and inspires you to transform the badge/tattoo into something productive, positive, and ultimately leading to a rewarding experience