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First and foremost; Thank You.

If you are reading this, you or someone close to you has or has had an active role in defending our country. Mere words cannot express the gratitude for your selfless service. A price cannot be placed on freedom or our families safety and security. Therefore, we are honored to humbly extend an offer to you.


It is our dream and some say our purpose to help those who have life experiences that left them with an undesirable mark, scar, or amputation, or maybe your military/service tattoo simply needs to be touched up or finished. We have an an Art Therapist that encourages you to use your scar, mark, tattoo, or amputation to capitalize on your Military Service experience. Some marks can be a connection to real pain and overwhelming fear, even cause isolation to some degree. Founder of Sacred Transformations, Eric Dean Spruth’s perspective views each tattoo, scar, burn, loss of limb, or disfigurement as your unique, personalized, opportunity.

From touch-up work on badges to full transformation of an amputation with prosthesis into one piece of artwork; the ideas and possibilities are endless because they belong to you, created solely by your unique experience. The transformation process is like no other. We want to be of service to you, in whatever way you desire.

Contact us today by filling out our client application found in the "Clients" section of our menu and we will contact you soon.

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