What a Year that Covid-19 Brought

So that last year has been very trying for TAT and Sacred Transformations. Our normal fundraising efforts at conventions and special events was greatly suppressed. This does not mean we were not active.

One way we have been reduced in our efforts is working with various shelters that cater to the needs of those sexually and domestically abused. This is because of the social distancing requirements of Covid-19. So if you work with an agency like this or know of one we want to hear about it. We want to help by offering our services to those they help, too.

Founder, Eric Spruth, has continued his work in the department of corrections and has been working specifically with DuPage County. We are in the works of putting a studio site there to provide tattoo removal and maybe other services for those about to re-enter the main population.

We have also been working to garner our own Laser removal equipment and have raised $1260 towards the funds needed. We still work with Bare Tattoo And Hair removal, but they have seen a ownership change and only operate now out of their Munster, Indiana office. While this makes travel harder for some of our clients, we will be offering free rides to appointments with our staff. All our clients need to do is ask.

With all said, we are looking forward to the next year. We will be at the Villain Arts Tattoo Convention in July of this year, or whenever they are able to get together. We are also looking to be at Pride events and other festivals as they happen. So look at the Calendar page to see what is coming soon.

With all my love,


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