Director of Media  and Community Relations

Katya Amelia Pietruszka

Katya Amelia Pietruszka started out as a client to Sacred Transformations, meeting members of our organization at the Villian Arts Tattoo Convention in Chicago 2018. Since that meeting, she has reached out and volunteered to give back by taking the task of creating a new interactive website and working various festivals and conventions,  introducing others to the meaningful offerings of Sacred Transformations.

Katya's background is filled with a creative past. She grew up drawing sketches and appreciating various forms of art. Throughout her education, she embraced music, playing saxophone, singing and acting in high school, and going to Rockford University studying theatre tech and design. She has even stage-managed several productions in the Chicagoland area, which has helped her develop her organizational and promotional skills that she utilizes to help promote Sacred Transformations.


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