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As a GOLD  SPONSOR, you will be helping by providing 4 sessions of laser removal or a LARGE tattoo cover-up. For this wonderful gift, we will a $100 voucher for merchandise in our MERCH STORE. You will also receive a personalized thank you from at least one of our clients. And finally, you will get recognition with a name plaque on a piece of equipment, furniture or other item in our community center, The Bridge. The Bridge is located just 1 mile from Ogden Dunes, (Part of the Indiana Dunes National Park System), and it features our tattoo and laser studio, a versatile gallery, and a year round community center with pool table, tea and coffee bar, and lots of music and books to enjoy.


To become a donor, Click the "Donate Now" seal at the top of the page. It will direct you to our PayPal donation page. Select "Gold Sponsor" and donate between $1000 and $2499. When the donation is received, we'll send an e-mail with instructions on how to claim your voucher, and a list of items that can feature your name plaque. 

Thank you for your support and donation.

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