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Tattoo Art Therapy (TAT), formally "Sacred Transformations", is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization that was started by Eric Dean Spruth in 2003 after realizing a need to help those with demonstrative tattoos that he could recognize were experiencing great distress in their self-identity and their personal value as a result of their tattoos. TAT seeks to help people move forward with their lives and away from negative experiences by providing transformative art therapy that minimizes, transforms, or erases these no-longer desired body marks or scars, to give people a fresh start. Eric never claims he is the one helping the individuals but rather the organization is the one helping.

Eric working on tattoo design with clients.

Mission Statement

     TAT is dedicated to helping people who are tattooed, scarred, branded or burnt from negative experiences to transform those marks into art pieces that celebrate one’s individuality. The experience empowers the individual to express in their own terms who they are inside. It is our goal for those marks to be converted into a source of daily inspiration to maintain sobriety, to be committed to the welfare and betterment of children, family, community and self. Our organization believes that these transformative tattoos will provide a historically qualified link to spirituality and culture and deliver the individual a new rite of passage – a symbol of evolving consciousness and personal evolution.

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