Warning, the info on this page may be sensitive, and triggering to some readers. subject matter pertains to domestic and sexual abuse, self harm, and sex trafficing. If you are victim to any of these things, please seek help. A black dot on the palm of your hand when at the ER, a call to 911 ordering a pizza, or ordering "Angela's Drink" at a bar could help you escape your abuserers.

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       Art Therapist and Sacred Transformations founder, Eric Dean Spruth’s passion lies in helping others through the method of Art Therapy, especially women, children, and young adults with scars or marks that carry memories of abuse, neglect, even rape or human-trafficking. Although reliable statistics are rare, those in the field estimate hundreds of thousands of US women & girls are sold into slavery or sexually exploited in America’s $9.5 billion human-trafficking industry. According to the US Department of Justice, 300,000 of those at risk are children.

The “property of” tattoos, brands and scars on these victims is systemic in the US (but can also be found on victims around the globe). Pretty much every woman who survives the streets comes out with some kind of mark on her body. The vast majority of these women and children turn to the readily available street drugs to “numb” reality and kill the pain of rape, sodomy, and the physical, emotional and mental abuse.

If they survive this and are able to get help, the Recovery process is long and pain-staking.

Whether the marks are visible or hidden deep within, they are very real and they will require intervention and long-term treatment. Branding, Tattoos, self-injury scars, or marks from abuse can be a constant reminder. Although the experience cannot be changed, the reminder(s) can.

The decision to transform a marks, scar, and/or tattoo is a direct form of Empowerment. It represents taking a stand for yourself and heading in the right direction on the Road to Recovery. Once you have regained control of your body; through therapy, your Mind and Spirit can be on the mend as well.

With this in mind, You and Eric will work together to create a piece that continues to Empower, motivate and inspire you. This IS the attitude and purpose of “Sacred Transformations.”

If you have a demonstrative tattoo, burn, branding, or scars from domestic abuse or sex trafficing an would like to receive our services, then click "Clients" in the menu and fill out our new client application. Those selected from returned applications will receive their services for FREE

Abuse & Exploitaion by the Numbers

The sex industry is a multi billion dollar endeavor, over $32 billion in sex trafficing world wide.

Over 4.5 million people world wide are victims of sex trafficing at any given time. 1.5 million in the USA alone.

Over 300,000 victims of sex trafficing are under 18 every year.

Over 40 people are brought nto the USA every day as part of sex trafficing

The average age of a new victim of sex trafficing is 11-14.

More than 20 people every minute in the USA are victim of abuse by an intimate partner.

Over 4.5 million people are victims of sex trafficing at any given time.

1 in 4 women and 1 in 9 men will suffer violent physical abuse by an intimate  partner in their lifetime

Violent physical domestic abuse by an intimate partner accounts for 15% of all violent crime in the USA